Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Hundred tests, 1 Sourav Ganguly

The first Test Match of the upcoming India-Australia series will start on 26 December 2007. It's a big match for Sourav Ganguly as it's the left-hand batsman's 100th Test.

Other Indian cricketers to have played 100 tests are Dilip Vengsarker, Kapil Dev, Sachin Tendulkar, Anil Kumble and Rahul Dravid.

For more, read here.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Sport quote of the day

A test is as slow as your strike rate.

Wasim Jaffer scored 202 runs in just 274 balls! A strike rate of 73.72 with 34 fours in a test match is what sets him far ahead in the league of good test cricketers. So while one finds test cricket a tortoise-slow match, cricketers like Wasim Jaffer make it an interesting watch. Good speedy show Wasim, congrats!

For more on the player's performance, read The Times Of India article.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

India wins the cricket series against Pakistan

Indian cricket team emerged as a winner again!!! We won the India-Pakistan IndianOil Cup by 3-1. After 24 long years India beat Pakistan's cricket team on our soil. Finally!

And whatever is with Sachin Tendulkar's luck. He once again got out just before hitting a century :( I hope he scores a century soon.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

When to watch India vs Pakistan Cricket Match

Now all you cricket fans, here's the schedule of the current India-Pak ODI series:

5th Nov, Monday - 9:00 am
8th Nov, Thursday - 2:30 pm
11th Nov, Sunday - 9:00 am
15th Nov, Thursday - 2:30 pm
18th Nov, Sunday - 2:30 pm

All the best team India!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Dravid Dropped

Dravid being dropped from the first 2 matches of the upcoming India - Pakistan series is already echoing the possible effects of the same. Look at the image we have been portraying. Apparently, this is what Senior Pakistan batsman Younis Khan told Reuters:

"If India doesn't perform well in the first two games the blame game will start, and their selectors and team will come under more pressure. It is to our advantage."

Felt pathetic to read this view. It's about time we portray a good image of our country in sports.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

India's golden moment in chess

Well, while most of us are busy discussing cricket or football, Indian chess champions are busy making the country proud! Yes, we won 3 gold medals at the rapid mixed team and individual events at the second Asian Indoor Games on 27th October!

Cheers to you grandmasters!

India - Pakistan Cricket

After a long time reached home on time to watch India playing. How excited I was! We all were! Well, we just finished batting and with a score of 141 and a wicket even in the last ball I wonder what we are upto! All I can hope is that we field better to win the match. For once, I am interested in watching India field. All the best boys, let's win as we enter the festive period with Ganeshotsav and Ramzan!

3 Cheers For 3-0

A petty score of 141, but then even Pakistan made just 141. I remember how I just hated when there used to be a tie between 2 teams when we could have won by saving just 1 run by the opponent team. Must say I love this Twenty20 World Cup where a tie in a poor match can become so very interesting.

Hope we win the Twenty20 World Cup, and this time by playing well throughout the match!

Friday, October 26, 2007

India - World Champions!!!

My last post incidently was about the tie between India and Pakistan. And now I write on our ultimate win!!!

How I managed to leave office to watch the match right from the first ball! How Mrinal finally convinced his boss that he be allowed to leave early! How we prayed we watch the match together as whenever we did so, India did win (superstition or whatever, when it comes to the nation, I believe in this)! How we managed to find a restaurant where we could watch India winning together! How we all at the restaurant prayed together, cheered together, got worried together... saw the winning moment together!

I remember how we all lost a heartbeat when Pakistan needed 6 runs in 4 balls. Misbah-ul-haq tried a desperate six and we keenly watched the ball rising up in the air and falling only in the hands of Shreesanth! Those few seconds had so much meaning.

I salute the Indian team - this one where each player is better than the rest, each one played brilliantly! I am so proud of our team! Great going boys! We all love you!