Saturday, March 26, 2011

Funny Excuses To Skip Office And Watch India Pakistan Match

1. . There was a break-in at my house and the thief took away the main door. Can’t lock my house, can’t come to work.
2. I was using Fevikwik... par chutki hi chipak gayi. Tried separating the thumb and index finger but now all my fingers and toes are stuck together. Can’t move, can’t make it to work today.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

India Plays, Indians Perform In Chorus

Today's match between India and Australia has generated a great deal of excitement. After all, if India wins today then it will take on Pakistan in the semifinals. The enthusiasm today is just like what we get to see during an Ind-Pak match.

Watching such a crucial fight with friends / colleagues / strangers at restaurants or food courts or at the office is an experience of its kind. Aah the chorus performances by all of us watching the match across India:
  • Getting up from the chair to cheer on every catch taken by the Indian team
  • Clapping together as Indians take wickets, hit boundaries and sixes
  • Exclaiming "Ooooohh" and "Chh chh chh chh" when the team drops a catch or loses a wicket
  • Praying every time we score lesser in an over
  • Biting the nails when the third umpire has to take a decision
  • And yes the swear words!
All the best Indian team, we are cheering in chorus - jeeteyga bhai jeeteyga...