Wednesday, May 14, 2008

U, me aur cricket!

There were times when all the wives and girlfriends in the world (of course, the ones who are not die-hard cricket fans) used to sacrifice some of their time-with-spouse/boyfriends for the sake of cricket. But back then, there were just a few test and one-day matches every year.

Now, with the advent of twenty20 and the recent never-ending IPL, almost half of the year is dedicated to cricket! And with that comes more hours spent by the guys with the television, beer and the tummy-enhancing accompaniments. Not that I have anything against cricket (I love this sport more than any other sport and I'm sure I can watch it all my life with my hubby dear), but then when you are still in the pre-marriage stage looking forward to spend some time with him, aaarrgh, this cricket comes like a spinner and screams, "maiden over".

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