Saturday, April 2, 2011

Live and funny quotes for India vs Sri Lanka World Cup Final

Saturday being a day off, I got a chance to match the WC 2011 final between India and Sri Lanka live. And with the wifi connection in place now, I am all tempted to tweet and comment and criticize and cheer!

Here are my observations as the match continues:
  1. Satrah pe Khatra! WU Tharanga - caught by Sehwag, bowled by Zaheer Khan. Sri Lanka's Score 17 for 1 wicket 
  2. Aailaa Sachin ko atthara pe khatra!!!
  3. Kuch toh log kahenge... India jeeta  toh match fixed... haara toh khelna nahi aata!
  4. Rajnikant is here to cheer, so India can or India can't?

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