Monday, October 4, 2010

Let's watch Commonwealth Games, spread the cheer

We spend hours watching cricket and soccer on television during the IPLs and the FIFAs. Now that the Commonwealth Games 2010 are being held in India, shouldn't we check out the various exciting games being held in our own country? It is one-of-its-kind experience to watch various sporting events during a span of few days. I watched the swimming competition a few minutes ago and it was such a treat while my eyes were focused on the Indian participants and my heart wished that they win.

C'mon guys, let us all cheer the various Indian athletes (ironically we don't even know the names of all the Indians participating, except the very few who won noteworthy medals in the recent past.)! Let our Facebook and Twitter updates be about the results of the Games, about our joys / disappointments when we win / lose a particular competition. Didn't we pour our hearts out with the controversies about CWG and Kalmadi spanning all our Facebook status updates? Weren't our lunchtime and commute time discussions all about the same? Now it's upon us to have the same, in fact, greater passion when it comes to the gaming event, the participants, the winners!

And then there are games like Lawn Bowls and Netball some of us have never heard of and we'd love to know more about. So this is your chance to catch up with the latest and the best in sporting events.

The Commonwealth Games 2010 are being telecast Live on Doordarshan sports channel and the DD News are constantly updating the results. And here's the schedule (dates and timings) on the CWG official website.

I'll try to update this site with the information about the various competitions and everything regarding the games. And I hope, we all will catch these together, right?

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